The future of payment.




A feature of masternodes is to enable PrivateSend that allows your transactions and balances to stay anonymous. Superior anonymous transactions with secure and near-instant payments.



Neoscrypt is an ASIC resistance algorithm with a strong memory intensive key derivative function. Preventing centralization while giving everyone the opportunity to mine.


50%-62.5% Block rewards to masternodes
Algorithm: NeoScrypt
Block generation: 1.5 minutes
Difficulty retargets using Dark Gravity Wave
Est. ~22M max coins
ASIC resistant


Providing high ROI for the holder while enabling PrivateSend and InstaSend. CoreZ (CRZ) features a masternode technology with block rewards starting from 50% and gradually increasing to 62.5%.

Long Term Goals

The main features we plan to work on in the future are the following:
Health insurance

About CoreZ

CoreZ is a new cryptocurrency designed to adapt and update our current payment system, yet not limiting itself to payments only, it will extend to branches of insurance and business which is its main purpose.

CoreZ is divided into 2 phases:

Phase 1

is the development phase of the project which aims to spread awareness of the real world usage and adoption of cryptocurrencies to our current payment methods and services while updating it at the same time.

Phase 2

is the ultimate goal of the project, will innovate and fill gaps to our current services and platforms with a potential to fully replace them. Services such as health insurance, travel/tourism, payment, investment and entrepreneurship. Health insurance is extremely complicated while it’s not impossible to improve and/or replace it as a whole. Our main focus is to create an additional model for diagnostic purposes in order to fill exactly what the current health care model lacks.

Faster appointments
Access to better doctors
Higher quality clinics


Core Health will be based on a token that will not be able to lose its value (USD, EURO, etc) yet will have the potential to increase it's value. With research and statistics, cooperation with the best doctors and clinics we aim to provide the best possible diagnosis to our customers, no more mediocrity. And lastly all Core Health customers will be able to withdraw their allowed funds assuming they do not use Core Health often or simply would like to withdraw the generated profits of the token growth.

Business Goal

In regards to business, our goal is to create a platform that allows entrepreneurs to request funding for their current business/company by offering a stake of their company to the investors. The platform will receive the funding deal and make it available to the investor/s. After careful analysis and review of the offer, the investor can decide to invest alone or share the investment with other investors. In turn the entrepreneur will pick his best offer and/or negotiate further.


  • Phase 1
  • Q1/2018

    Wallet release
    Website launch
    Social media campaign
    Listing on masternodes ranking website
    Exchange listing
    Research and community work

  • Q2/2018

    Research on:
    Zpay Card (credit card)
    Legal advice on establishing independent exchange
    Community ideas
    Hiring developers and marketing experts

  • Q3/2018

    Android Wallet
    White paper

    Major updates:
    Website update
    Wallet update
    Atomic swap

  • Q4/2018

    Establish dedicated and independent exchange
    Pairing CoreZ with FIAT
    Pairing CoreZ with major cryptocurrencies
    Legal advice on binding Zpay Card with exchange

  • End of Phase 1


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